• There can be only one person at the reception desk
  • We have designated places to stay for people waiting for reception service at a distance of 2 meters
  • Guests are separated from the receptionist by a transparent plexiglass panel
  • We have reduced the time of guest service to a minimum, while maintaining comprehensive customer service, as well as the possibility of checking in using an electronic registration card
  • Reception staff who serve guests wear protective masks
  • We provide unlimited access to disinfectants for guests in the reception hall
  • Guests are encouraged to disinfect their hands before starting the check-in process
  • Reception counter-top, telephones, payment terminals, tablets and other public areas are regularly disinfected by employees
  • During check-in we inform our guests about the safety procedures in force in the facility and ask them to accept them and follow the guidelines
  • It is strictly forbidden for non-registered persons to stay in the hotel room or in the Guard Tower
  • Guests are encouraged to make cashless payments Terminals are disinfected after each use
  • We disinfect room keys on an ongoing basis
  • We air and disinfect the entire Reception area every day

  • Each hotel room is cleaned and disinfected after the departure of the Guests
  • For the safety of the cleaning staff, the room will be cleaned 24 hours after check-out, if possible.
  • Our hygiene procedures provide for additional disinfection of well-defined surfaces and objects that are most likely to be touched in the room space, such as doorknobs, handles, switches, TV remote controls, bathroom fittings, etc.
  • We air the hotel rooms and Guard Tower after each stay of Guests for at least 30 minutes
  • Ozonisation or fogging is contracted out to a specialised external company as required
  • Room cleaners are equipped with protective masks and disposable gloves, which are disposed of when the cleaning of the room is completed
  • For safety reasons, we have removed unnecessary objects, decorations and guides from the rooms

  • All activities comply with ministerial regulations, sanitary / WHO / HACCP recommendations and the facility's internal procedures:
  • We provide the possibility to order meals with personal pick-up by the Guest or with the possibility to have them delivered at specified times to the room - room service (no extra charge for room service) - in special disposable airtight boxes. A dedicated menu with allergen information will be prepared for this purpose.
  • We air the restaurant premises daily
  • Dispensers with disinfectant liquid are available at the entrance to the restaurant and guests are asked to disinfect their hands before entering the restaurant
  • Restaurant employees perform their duties equipped with protective masks and disposable gloves
  • Cooks and kitchen workers have protective masks and disposable gloves
  • Disinfectant dispensers are provided in the kitchen and catering facilities, and employees regularly wash and disinfect their hands and their workstations
  • We regularly disinfect the entire kitchen area
  • All Employees, who come into contact with food, follow the principles of OHS, HACCP, good hygiene and production practices. Each of them uses protective clothing such as changing footwear, caps, gloves, and masks

  • Disinfectant dispensers are available in public areas, including reception and entrance to the restaurant
  • All public areas are regularly aired and disinfected
  • Disinfectant dispensers have been placed in public toilets
  • We have placed hand washing instructions in each toilet and at each dispenser
  • In common areas, we require the use of masks in accordance with government regulations
  • We take special care to disinfect toilets, doorknobs, and staircase railings in common areas

  • Employees have received adequate training on procedures and prevention of COVID-19 spread. We train our staff in safety and the recommendations of the Ministry of Health
  • All employees strictly follow the rules of work in protective masks and disposable gloves (where required in the light of regulations)
  • Each employee regularly disinfects their work tools and takes care of hand hygiene and cleanliness
  • We provide unrestricted access to hand disinfectant for employees in areas accessible to them
  • We have introduced additional disinfection of common areas for employees - kitchens, staff rooms and storerooms
  • We have ensured that workstations are safe by maintaining a distance of 2 metres in spaces where workers are present