The newly-renovated Siberia manor has now opened its doors to visitors. The main building of the palace is under renovation due to a recent fire. 

The Palace Forge located opposite the gate houses guest rooms and a restaurant which prepares traditional food from the Podlasie region, including dishes from fish from the estate's ponds and excellent cakes. We also offer comfortable rooms with views of the palace complex or our garden.

The 19th-century manor Siberia, the second-largest building of the complex, has opened its doors to visitors after years of restoration work. It houses a permanent exhibit titled Interpretations which tells the history of the space of the complex and the people who shaped it. Siberia is also a place for conferences, workshops, temporary exhibitions and artistic plenairs.

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Our English garden is open for visitors all year round. It's particularly worth seeing the lime tree avenue, the Menhir standing stone and the view of the Bug river valley that extends towards the town of Drohiczyn.

In November 2021 a tragic fire burnt down most of the first floor of the palace as well as causing much damage elsewhere. Renovations are curently underway. We expect the palace to re-open in 2024. Until then the main building will be closed to visitors. However, we hope to make the orangery available in 2023, since it was not damaged in the fire.