This year we invite you to visit the park, where you can admire the progress of the reconstruction of the Siberia pavilion. The rooms and restaurant in the Palace Forge are also open. Due to the renovation after the fire, the main building of the palace is unavailable to visitors.

The park is open every day from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. throughout the year.

All history and art lovers, families with children, cyclists, motorcyclists and tourists staying in the area are welcome to visit the palace. Visitors are welcome to the main palace building along with the orangery, historic English park and ground floor of the summer villa Siberia, which houses a permanent exhibition on the history of the complex. There is a restaurant in which regional dishes, homemade cakes, and good coffee are served in The Palace Forge (Kuźnia Pałacowa) just opposite the palace gate.

The main attraction is the 18th-century palace, which is entirely open to the public. Tickets are available at the shop just next to the main entrance. From there, you walk into the hall, where the original black oak panelling has been preserved in excellent condition due to the durability of the material. The doors located along the main axis of the palace lead to the most representative part of the building - the ballroom with 18th-century decorations on the ceiling.

There are two blue rooms with temporary exhibitions to the left of the ballroom. In the warm months of the year, you can go out onto the terrace and parterre garden.

The door on the right leads to the Pompeian room with original wall grotesques, and then to the living room. At the end of the enfilade there is an orangery with fountains and filled with warm-loving plants. On the first floor, there is a theatre room and exhibition spaces with two permanent exhibitions - one of the paintings of Wanda Ostrowska, the other about Cyprian Norwid's correspondence with Joanna Kuczyńska, to whom he dedicated his poem 'To the Lady of Korczew'.

A walk in the park is a must for anyone who would like to get to know the spirit of Korczew Palace. The park, designed in the 1830s by Franciszek Jaszczołd on the basis of an earlier layout, is an integral part of the complex. The lime tree avenue stretching along the axis of the palace is particularly noteworthy. To the left of the avenue is the Menhir stone, which was probably an object of worship in pre-Christian times. Nearby, there is a building known as 'Trianon' which used to be an orangery (now a chapel) and the neo-Gothic well of St. John of Nepomuk.

The second largest building in the complex, the 19th-century summer villa Siberia, is located opposite the park gate. The ground floor of the building is scheduled to host a permanent exhibition on the history of the house and grounds.
The ground floor of Siberia, including the exhibition space, is adapted for wheelchair users. There is also an accessible toilet opposite the entrance.


Admission to the palace is ticketed. 

The cost of the ticket is PLN 10 per person; for children under seven, admission is free of charge.

We also offer guided tours: the cost of guided tours of the palace is PLN 100, and the cost of guided tours of the park is PLN 160. For school groups of up to 25 people the fee for guided tours is PLN 150; and from 25 to 50 people - PLN 200.

If you are interested in guided tours, please contact the office in advance: or +48 693 299 692.


There is a small souvenir shop at the entrance to the palace. You can buy, among other things, publications related to the history of Korczew, such as the book by Renata Ostrowska 'My House' ('Mój dom') and the diaries of Wiktoryn Kuczyński, the founder of Korczew Palace. More information about the publications supported by the Foundation can be found in the Publications tab


Free parking for visitors is available at the restaurant and guest rooms in The Palace Forge and on the green square just opposite the gate. We kindly ask you not to park in the area beyond the palace gate (this does not apply to people with mobility impairments).


The palace is adapted to the needs of wheelchair users. The ramp leading to the palace is located by the orangery. Access to the first floor is provided by a wheelchair stair climber. If you would like to use the above facilities, please contact the office at  +48 693 299 692.

Tired tourists and visitors are warmly welcome to our restaurant in the Palace Forge, located just opposite the palace gate. We offer regional dishes for the hungry and excellent coffee and cake on the terrace for those who want to relax. You can find out more about our cooking in the Restaurant tab

It is worth staying in Korczew for longer - for example, for a weekend. Our comfortable rooms in the Palace Forge and the The Guard Tower (Baszta) apartment will provide you with an excellent rest in a quiet environment.