Another great way to spend some carefree time with your loved ones and relax is to go on a picnic. Picnic delicacies can be enjoyed in Korczew park, on the banks of the Bug River, or taken on a bicycle trip.

We can offer you a basket with local snacks and a comfortable blanket. The duration of the picnic is up to you.

The park surrounding the Korczew Palace in its current form was designed by Franciszek Jaszczołd in the English style at the beginning of the 19th century. It is worth seeing the rare specimens of trees, in particular the plane trees that are more than a hundred years old, as well as the collection of historical roses, the hidden garden with fruit plants and the Menhir stone, remains of a pre-Christian civilisation, to which local tradition attributes the power to grant wishes.

On the edge of the park, by the panorama stretching towards Drohiczyn, there is a newly planted orchard with traditional varieties of apples, pears, plums and peaches.

After relaxing in one of these charming locations, please return your picnic basket and blanket to the reception desk at the Palace Forge.

Orders for picnic baskets should be placed at the reception.


Wiesław Walczak
Jola Tarapata

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