Space is available for smaller events in the main building of the Palace. Couples who are planning an intimate wedding reception are more than welcome to contact us. It is also possible to organize a wedding in the open air in the beautiful palace garden.

The palace is open to the public and rented for special occasions. Its interiors include rooms for special events such as family celebrations and conferences. If you are thinking of this location for a wedding party, please call us. Historic interiors have their limitations and require special attention when used by event guests.

  • The ballroom, the most representative room in the Palace, crowned with stucco ornaments on the ceiling which date to the foundation of the palace. The ballroom has doors to the terrace from which you can go down to the park
  • Two blue rooms which are usually used for temporary exhibitions
  • The living room, which is accessed from the stairwell
  • The theatre room with a piano on the first floor
  • The orangery, filled with various tropical plants

An increasing number of young couples dream of getting married outdoors. According to Polish law, a civil marriage does not necessarily have to take place in the Civil Registry Office. This opens the possibility of organising it in a more unusual place, in line with the ideas of the husband and wife-to-be. When looking for a venue outside the civil office, it is important to see whether it meets the requirement of maintaining a ceremonial form and ensuring the safety of the participants in the ceremony.

The photo session accompanying the wedding ceremony is a beautiful way to commemorate the marriage. Both the surroundings and the interiors of the palace rooms are often chosen by couples as the background for photographs commemorating this special day.

The interiors of the eighteenth-century Korczew Palace have been successively restored or rearranged over the past 30 years after the palace was damaged during and after the war. Many antiques, original ornaments and items connected with the history of the place, such as paintings by Wanda Ostrowska, give it a unique and authentic character. Thanks to the gradual renovation and the personal involvement of Beata Ostrowska-Harris, the interiors are not only stylish but also faithfully reflect the atmosphere of the place before the war, when her family lived there.

For those who are planning a larger celebration, we recommend the 'Under the Arcades' wedding venue.

If the wedding guests need accommodation, we invite you to our rooms in the Palace Forge, where your guests can rest after the celebration and prepare for it beforehand.