Korczew lies in the picturesque Nadbużański Landscape Park, the unique beauty of which is best admired from the Bug River. Canoeing is a great way to stay active and get to know the nature of the river.

Kayaking is a great activity great for families, business trip participants and all lovers of physical exercise. The Bug River is unique in terms of landscape and is the largest river in Europe without artificially regulated banks.
We especially recommend one-day trips, which can be easily organized using one of the many kayak rentals in nearby Drohiczyn. Popular routes lead to Serpelice, Zabuże, and Mielnik. Along these trails, there are unparalleled views of one of the last wild rivers in Poland.

There are also opportunities for fans of sporting challenges. The largest kayak trip in Poland is organized in Drohiczyn (http://500kajakow.pl/) – in 2021, 503 kayak crews sailed along the route! If you are enthusiastic about kayaking and spending time outdoors, it is worth trying your skills.

Drohiczyn is the best place for kayak lovers in the region. There is a number of canoe rentals, as well as the only canoeing museum in the country, which can be found in the in the Bug River Kayak Tourism Centre (FB PROFILE).

Recommended kayak rentals: